Some Must Consider Factors of Website Development & Designing

Year 2019 was a trend setter for Augmented Reality as the veterans of Digital World including Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft & others supported Augmented Reality for commercial benefits. During Augmented World Expo (AWE) and Consumer Electronics Show (CES) many advancement plans were discussed and it resulted into great benefits overall. We entered 2020 with high end AR solutions resulting to advanced online presence.

With the changing scenario some factors become important for e-commerce as well as service websites. As a website development & designing company in India we take it as a responsibility to make you aware of the trends to catch in 2020, Let’s Discuss what features we should consider during website development & Designing:

  • 1. Adding Chat Bots to our website

    Many Businessman & Digital marketeers think that having an attractive & SEO friendly website is enough for a good online presence, while we consider it absolute illusion as a website is far more than just a product display & search engine friend. Consider a scenario where a user visited your website and has certain queries, wouldn’t it be better to provide them a direct communication option within the panel? Chatbots create a direct communication bridge between the user and the sales team, it increases the in-flow of website traffic. We must consider a chat bot for better Online Presence & Lead Generation.

  • 2. Split Screen Web Designing

    The Split screen web designing is the new face with great advantages & results to better engagement of website audiences. It not only provides great web designs for unique experience but also improves mobile visibility. We must consider few things while creating a Split Screen Web Design including a flow between the two parts of the website, adding call to action, using contrast & vibrant colours.

  • 3. Use Large Type Face in the design

    In common terms to understand a website, we can say that a website is collection of videos, images & texts. A good combination of Images and text with great font size and colours (remember not to overdo) results to a great eye soothing web design. Try to use Large, medium & small Sizes for attractive Typefaces. The size should not get overfocused so we need to add images to compliment and make the typefaces even better.

  • 4. Voice Assistance

    Voice Assistance is the future which has already started to affect the present, SIRI, ALEXA & Google Assistance are the best example. The way people are engaging with this great hand free voice system, it is considered that by 2022 Voice Assistance will be highly addictive. Considering a voice assistance on our website where customers can hear all about products & services without using mouse & keyboards, can make the results even far better than what we could expect.

  • 5. Omnichannel Content Strategy

    The e-commerce trends have reached a level where businessman as well as customers use multi-channels to give & get service. Omnichannel retail is the process of integrating all the channels for single channel multiple reach experience. Omnichannel include all the channels like Social Media, Mobile Apps, ecommerce, location, AR or mixed reality & personalized videos. It has enhanced customers engagement with the companies by multiple number of times!

And Now last but not the least,

Use of motion Designs & Minimalism

First Let’s talk about Minimalism, we [company name], as a creative website designing & development company in India, believe in handy system for the customer. Minimalism is a process we use to remove unwanted elements like extra buttons, overly patterns, useless large white space & many more to provide precise website experience to the users. In the process, the elements of high priority are showcased with better focal point for the viewers.

Motion Designs keep a website live and attractive, users find it far more impressive when designs float with motions. The products and elements are better forecasted with these motion designs. The Description and offers get expressions through motion. It is always better to design precisely but presenting dynamically as if everything is moving with great navigation effects & colour patterns.

To make your website the best place any user has ever visited in the virtual world, all that we have discussed above needs to be kept under consideration. Our team of experts and analysts go through a well-defined process to make results up to the expectations of our client. Let’s meet and discuss all of your website designing & development needs & expectations. Let’s explore what we did and what we can do for you, we believe that a healthy discussion always leads to a great outcome which creates mutual benefits for the present & the future growth.