Best Techniques To Boost Lead Generation Prospects While Blogging

Blogging is now a days believed to be the best funnel for a website to generate quality leads but this believe is incomplete without proper strategy. Blogging helps a website describe the products and services as per need of the customer which has a good impact on the “purchase motivation”. The question is “what to write on the blogs?”; sharing company highlights including awards, picnics, annual day & other work environment qualities enough to nurture good leads? Are such blogs really helpful in selling your service or products? I think these questions have already a canvas in your mind where you have excluded them, now, then what are the basic factors or strategies to create a highly impactful, helpful, informative & attractive blog posts?

Let’s discuss some “must be there” to ignite your business website blogs:

Buyer Interest Focal Point:

A blog content must be focused on the Buyers interest, for this as a content creator of a lead generation company in Delhi, we try to answer queries in the mind of buyers like why, what, how to; A service or product descriptive blog post not only educates the buyer about our business but also clears the challenges a buyer is facing while making a purchase decision.

Experience Sharing of Existing Customers:

A company or brand can increase trust in their new buyers by sharing experience of already existing customer. Just think, how impactful it can be If you share an interview of your existing customer where the obstacles in the mind of customer before purchasing your service & satisfaction after that could be shared!

Focus on a Particular Topic in One Blog Post:

A blog post focusing a particular topic creates a precise content which concisely addresses a particular challenge of a buyer. These types of posts will always resolve issues of a specific targeted audience, technically such posts are impressive to search engines also as it helps search engines like Google to understand the specific target of the posts and ranks them accordingly.

Maintain SEO Friendly On-Page Elements:

SEO factors which must not be compromised for better search engine appearance are:

a. Trend & Keyword Research

b. Title of Blog max up to 60-65 characters

c. Use of Title Tags & meta description

d. Attractive relevant images with ALT tags

e. Proper use of Heading Tags

f. Internal Links to other blogs and webpages

g. Highlighted Texts

h. Sub-Heads & Bullets