SEO Is Now More Than #1 Rank on SERP

In last few years Google has worked a lot to become more & more precise as per the requirement of its user. Starting from the content quality the upgradation of the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) has reached a level of Mobile friendly features, Snippets, Maps & PAA (People Also Ask). That’s why, Now searching for relevant keywords and getting ranked has become an old school technic!

SEO’s work and responsibilities have increased up to a level where an SEO service provide company in India has to use all the features to get better results from the rankings. Let’s see what are the new parts of Google SERP!

  1. Title Tag & Meta Description:

    As a regular SEO Expert, we all know that Title & Meta Description are the first impression of your page for both Search Engine as well as User. So, a relevant and rich Title Tag & Meta Description are still under the mandatory section of the SEO Activity.

  2. QNA on GOOGLE

    This new feature can be found in service-based searches where a user can ask questions relevant to his requirement & we should provide answers to get into direct communication with them. This feature of Google can be used for doubt clearance which may increase the user’s trust in our business. See an example of such features:.

  3. PAA (People Also Ask)

    Another query-based feature of google where Google tries to pre-answer the queries which may arise in the mind of viewer. To get ranked in this section could be very much beneficial for your business. SEO On-page specialist who is working for you must have answers on how to make your content a part of PAA. Now let’s recognize the PAA section of Google SERP:

  4. Google Map

    Another important feature of google which is widely used by the users is Google Map. Your website must have “Local Business Listing”. Your content team should write and post rich and communicating content which should be posted on your GLB (Google Local Business). For e-commerce companies there are many other features included in the GLB which can be used to showcase your Products, Offers & many more!

  5. Featured Snippet

    Many a time, now when you search for a query on Google you find “an answer box” on the top of the result. Usually these featured boxes contain answers from Wikipedia & believe it or not if on any “Query based search” you find a wiki result it is close to impossible to replace it with your answers. Yet there are many queries for which you can get featured in the SERP Answer box with proper query-based content included in your webpage!

  6. Image & Videos

    With proper search query relevant thumbnail images & videos in your webpage, optimized with ALT tags rich with keywords & filename also having relevant keywords your chances to have special featured place in SERP increases. So, Now add most relevant and content rich Images & Videos it will definitely benefit you.

  7. Schema Mark Up

    A Schema Mark Up is set of codes which can be used on our website to help Google better understand the page. These mark Ups include articles, images, reviews and many more. You must use these Schema mark ups in your webpage to get featured SERP presence. Usually the results contain URL, Title & Meta Description but a schema rich page will always rank with some extra add on in the result. Following is an example of Schema Mark Up rich page Search Engine Result:

Most of the SEO service companies in the metro cities of India including Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Bangalore & others are still not focusing on these new factors which impact more than 80% of Organic traffic at present. If you want your business to have the best and highly featured Organic rankings in SERPs, you must discuss about these features with the SEO Service provider. Also, you should try to have a presence in Wikipedia as there are many features of Google Search who prefer a Wiki result for the search queries. We, as an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) company in Delhi, have experts who are well updated with the new features and can optimize your website for the best presence on Google SERP.

We, as [company name] keep our strategies updated so that we could provide your better service in comparison to others. This is what we count as our USP, where we don’t compromise with our services. Whatever has been discussed above is not impossible as many of your competitors may already have been ranking in Organic results with the features discussed above. Also, to remind these are not the limits, there are many more that needs to be done while optimizing your website, stay tuned with us for more about SEO & If you have a website let’s discuss and make your online presence up to date!